25L Automatic Plastic Square Barrel Filling Production Line Introduction:

The 25L automatic plastic square barrel filling production line manufactured by Sunter Technology is suitable for 25L metered filling, automatically counting into plastic square barrels, weighing filling, automatic capping machine, servo tracking capping machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic inkjet printer, automatic stacker machine, robot palletizer, automatic horizontal strapping machine, automatic sword-penetrating strapping machine, automatic wrapping conveyor and a series of operations. The fully automatic 25L filling machine is especially suitable for quantitative filling of water preparations and chemical raw materials. It is an ideal packaging machine for petrochemical, coating, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

25L Automatic Plastic Square Barrel Filling Production Line

Features of 25L Liquid Production Line:

Efficiency: This 25L liquid production line uses advanced automation technology and robotics technology to achieve efficient and continuous production. It can automatically adjust the production speed according to production needs and can run 24 hours a day.
Flexibility: This production line can produce plastic barrels of different specifications and shapes by adjusting the configuration and parameters of the production line. This enables the production line to adapt to the production needs of a variety of products.
Quality control: The production line is equipped with various sensors and detection equipment, which can monitor all aspects of the production process in real time to ensure that product quality meets standards. If quality problems are found, the production line will automatically stop and alarm for timely processing.
Cost savings: Since the production line adopts automation technology, manual intervention can be reduced and labor costs can be reduced. It can optimize the production process and reduce waste and loss, thereby reducing production costs.

Environmental protection: This production line uses environmentally friendly materials and technology to reduce the impact on the environment. It can recycle discarded plastic barrels and reduce waste disposal costs.
Safety: The production line is equipped with various safety protection devices and emergency stopping systems to ensure the safety of operators. It can automatically monitor the operating status of the equipment and promptly discover and deal with potential safety hazards.
In short, the 25L fully automatic plastic square barrel filling production line is an efficient, flexible, strict quality control, cost-saving, environmentally friendly and safe production equipment. The weighing machine is suitable for enterprises that produce large-scale plastic barrel products.

Plastic Square Barrel Filling Production Line Parameter:

Filling Capacity 800-2000 barrels/hour
Number of filling heads 3/4/6/8
Applicable specifications 25-30L square barrel, round barrel
Filling accuracy ±0.1%
Power power 380V/50Hz;3.5KW
Air source pressure 0.6MPa
Scope of application filling coatings, chemicals, paints and other liquid products

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