Main Usage:

Vibration sifting machine is modified on the base of delaminated sieve, which is suitable of flow line and is the ideal equipment for sifting out the granules in different size and proportion and for continuous materials-delivering.

Product Application:

Sifting machine is a high performance round vibratory separator designed to improve products quality. It is used to sieve particles, powder and mucilage. This sifting machine is highly used in industrial screener grading applications in numerous industries; such as food, metallurgy, ceramic, chemical, pharmaceutical, powder coatings and others.

Vibration Sifting Machine

Structure & Performance:

Vibration sifting machine is composed of the hopper, vibrating motor and bracket. The vibrating motor is fixed on the vibrating tray is supported on the vibrating rubber bowl, with strong and stable vibrating force, stepless speed-regulating, compact structure, small volume, non dust-flying, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, and easy to be moved and maintained.


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