Introduction to ST-TBJ-100B Paste Labeling Machine:

ST-TBJ-100B paste labeling machine is suitable for pasting continuous paper labels on cylindrical containers. Such as edible oil bottle labeling, hot sauce bottle labeling, honey bottle labeling, wine bottle labeling, jam bottle labeling, sauce labeling mark and so on. The paste labeling machine can automatically pick up labels, apply glue, and paste them. Under the control of the detector, it can complete the actions of no label supply if there is no bottle. No glue application if there is no label. It first sticks an appropriate amount of resin glue with the label. Then uses the label box to paste it. The label is transferred to the labeling rod, rotated and adsorbed to the vacuum belt by vacuum. The label is completely attached to the bottle. The paste labeling machine can be used in honey filling production lines, tomato paste filling production lines, condiment filling production lines, pulp filling production lines, etc.

ST-TBJ-100B Paste Labeling Machine

Paste Labeling Machine Parameter:

Applicable Bottle Diameter φ35~95mm
Label Height 40~150mm
Label Length 50~280mm
Labeling Accuracy ±1mm
Production Capacity ≤6000b/h
Label Box Capacity 2500p
Air Pressure 0.5~0.7Mpa
Power Supply 3-phase ~380V 50Hz
Total Power 0.8kw
Weight 700Kg
Dimensions 2500×1000×1200(L×W×H)mm

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