IBC Ton Barrel Rocker Filling Machine Introduction:

The IBC ton barrel rocker filling machine is an intelligent packaging system specially designed for the liquid packaging of 200L barrels (including trays) and IBC ton barrels in explosion-proof environments. Automatic cap opening, automatic submersion, automatic fast full-speed filling, automatic leakage, automatic capping and other full-process automated packaging.
The IBC barrel weighing filling machine is an efficient and stable equipment. The characteristics of weighing machine is high-precision weighing, flexible capacity adjustment, automatic control and durability. The weighing filling machine brings efficient and accurate liquid filling solutions to your production line. The IBC machinery can help you improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure product quality.
IBC Ton Barrel Rocker Filling Machine

The barrel filling production line is equipped with a high-precision weighing system that can accurately measure the weight of liquid substances. Precise sensors and sophisticated control algorithms enable real-time monitoring and adjustment of weight during the filling process. Ensure the accuracy and stability of each filling. Whether it is small batch production or large batch production, filling accuracy can be guaranteed and waste can be reduced.
IBC filling equipment has flexible capacity adjustment function. It can adapt to liquid substances of different specifications and capacities. With simple operation and settings, the filling capacity range can be quickly adjusted to more than 200 liters. Can meet different production needs. Diversified production can be easily achieved without changing equipment or adjusting complex components.

IBC Barrel Filling Machine Video:

The IBC ton barrel filling line is equipped with a stable automatic control system, which realizes the automation and intelligence of the filling process. Through the touch screen interface and user-friendly operation panel, operators can easily set parameters, monitor the production process, and make real-time adjustments. The intelligent control system also has fault detection and automatic troubleshooting functions, reducing downtime and improving production efficiency.
The IBC ton barrel rocker filling machine adopts high-quality materials and precision manufacturing technology. The device is sturdy and durable. The equipment has a compact structure, takes up little space, and is easy to arrange and install. Provides access for easy cleaning and maintenance, saving time and labor costs.

IBC Ton Barrel Filling Machine Parameter:

Filling Accuracy ±400g
Filling Capacity (Tray type) 200L, (IBC) 1000L
Production Capacity 200L 20-30 barrels/hour
IBC 6-10 barrels/hour
Barrel Storage Location 200L 108 Torr
IBC 108 pallets (depending on the actual situation)
Scope of Application Chemical raw materials, intermediate materials, silicone oil, etc.
Overflow pipe valve components S304 stainless steel, PTFE gaskets and seals
Filling Gun Head 1 set (multiple sets, automatic switching of gun heads)
Filling Mode Liquid top and bottom filling
Weighing Range 0-1500kg
Filling Accuracy ±400g
Container Dimensions 1200x1200x150 (customized according to customer samples)
Graduation Value 50g

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