Description of Glass Water Filling Machine:

The glass water filling machine integrates light, electricity, and gas, and is controlled by PLC with a human-machine interface (touch screen). The actions from bottle feeding, positioning, filling, and bottle out are all fully automated. Direct-flow filling is adopted, and the parts in contact with the material are made of excellent stainless steel and food-grade materials, which meet the requirements of food hygiene. High automation, stable performance, fast production speed, simple operation, convenient adjustment, and strong adaptability.

Glass Water Filling Machine

Glass water is the common name of car windshield washer fluid. It is a consumable product in car use. High-quality car windshield water is mainly composed of water, alcohol, glycol, corrosion inhibitor and various surfactants. Windshield water is commonly known as glass water. Chenyu Machinery provides high-quality glass water filling machines. This series of glass water filling machines has stable performance, high cost performance and reliable quality. Glass water filling machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, film wrapping machine, cartoning machine, palletizer and other equipment form a glass water filling production line.

Features of Glass Water Filling Equipment:

1. High efficiency: automatic filling equipment, frequency conversion speed regulation, production capacity up to 2000-20000 bottles/hour.
2. Wide range: The machine can be customized for various bottle types, with a wide range of filling capacity and easy adjustment.
3. High compatibility: All kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles, ceramic bottles and other containers can realize automatic filling production, and the glass water filling machine can be conveniently and quickly connected with various original bottle conveying lines.

4. Liquid level: automatic glass water filling line, the filling level does not change with the bottle volume, the filling level is.
5. No dripping: The seal is tight and reliable, and the bottle is broken or leaked, and no bottle is filled, and no liquid is spilled.
6. No broken bottle: automatic adaptation to bottle height error, frequency conversion speed regulation, no rigid impact, no broken bottle damage machine.

Glass Water Filling Machinery Parameter:

Model ST-GZ-8
Filling Head 8
Production Capacity 2000-2500 Bottle Per Hour
Power 380V
Voltage 4.5KW
Machine Size 2400×1200×2300(mm)

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