Introduction of Double-headed E-liquid Filling Production Line:

The double-headed e-liquid filling production line is suitable for the filling and production of e-liquid and eye drops in 10-120ml round and flat plastic bottles and glass bottles of various materials. Dropper bottle filling equipment has constant torque capping, peristaltic pump metering filling; touch screen control, no bottle filling; no inner plug or outer cover, with the advantages of stable transmission, accurate positioning, accurate measurement and simple operation. The upper inner plug and outer cover have special abrasive tool alignment, and the pass rate is high. The inner plug hopper adopts single-track and double-track feeding, which is determined according to the user’s output.

Double-headed E-liquid Filling Production Line

Features of Double-headed E-liquid Filling Production Line:

  1. The e-liquid bottle filling machine is widely used in the food, chemical, and beverage industries. It is suitable for filling and locking small bottles, such as oral liquid, nail polish, eye shadow, electronic cigarette oil, aromatherapy essential oil, perfume, etc. The production materials are SUS304 stainless steel and 316L anti-corrosion stainless steel (for the part in contact with the material). The double-headed e-liqiud filling production machine conforms to GMP standards. Well received by the majority of customers.
  2. The work flow is: bottle sorting—automatic bottle feeding to the station—automatic rotation—automatic quantitative filling—automatic cover sorting and capping (vibration capping) (optional)—automatic cap locking—finished product delivery with output.
  3. The electronic cigarette oil filling, plugging and capping machine can be applied to various processes that require filling, plugging, and capping.

Ps: A bottle unscrambler can be added to the front end; and a labeling machine can be added to the back end to form a complete filling production line.


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