Vial Powder Needle Filling Machine Introduction:

The vial powder needle filling machine is suitable for filling granular and powder medicines and packaging medicine, food, etc. The use of PLC programmable control makes the equipment simple to operate, convenient to adjust, and has a high degree of automation. All stainless steel sealed body, anti-corrosion and dust-proof. The equipment is easy to maintain and complies with GMP requirements.

Vial powder injection filling machine is a machine used to fill vial powder injection. This filling machine usually consists of a control system, filling system, capping system and conveying system.
During the filling process, the vial powder injection filling machine first places the vial on the conveyor belt, and then fills the powder injection into the vial through the filling system. Then, the capping system presses the bottle cap tightly to ensure the sealing of the vial. Finally, the conveyor system sends out the vials to complete the entire filling process.

Features of Powder Needle Filling Equipment:

1. Human-machine interface setting PLC control.
2. Frequency conversion control, production speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, automatic counting.
3. Automatic shutdown function, no filling if there is no bottle.

Powder Needle Filling Line Parameter:

Loading Capacity Range 10-500g
Loading Error ≤±1%
Pass Rate of Spinning (Rolling) Capping ≥99%
Production Capacity 20-40BPM
Filling Method Screw metering filling
Power Supply 380V/50Hz
Power 2.0KW
Dimensions 2400*1000*1800mm

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