Syrup Oral Liquid Filling Machine Introduction:

Syrup oral liquid filling machine is an automated production equipment, mainly used for manufacturing oral liquid, syrup and other fluid drugs.
The machine can automatically complete measuring, mixing, conveying, filling, sealing and other processes, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. The syrup filling machinery adopts advanced PLC control system and touch screen human-machine interface, which is simple and convenient to operate. The production process can be monitored throughout, realizing digital control and intelligent production. All parts of the filling machine are made of high-quality stainless steel, complying with GMP standards, reliable and durable, and easy to clean and maintain.

Characteristics of Syrup Oral Liquid Filling Equipment:

The use of automated production methods has high production efficiency, can significantly shorten the production cycle and reduce labor input.
The energy consumption of the machine during operation is extremely low, which can effectively reduce production costs.

Syrup Oral Liquid Filling Machine
The oral liquid filling line can accurately measure the volume and weight of syrup through precision electronic scales, flow meters and other instruments, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.
The oral liquid machine can be set to different filling capacities and speeds. Oral liquid machinery is suitable for bottles and caps of various specifications and types. It is convenient for users to make production adjustments.
All parts that come into contact with materials are made of high-quality stainless steel. The whole machine is beautiful and elegant, and meets the requirements of GMP standards.

Syrup Oral Liquid Filling Machine Parameter:

Applicable Specifications 5-25
Production Capacity 350
Filling Accuracy ≤±2.5
Number of Filling Heads 16
Number of Capping Heads Single Pole 20 Heads
Pass Rate of Capping ≥99
Total Weight 7500

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