Introduction of Seafood Sauce Filling Machine:

The seafood sauce filling machine is designed by Sunter Machinery based on the original sauce filling equipment according to the customer’s bottle shape and requirements. The seafood sauce filling equipment has beautiful appearance, reasonable design and complete structure. It is an ideal equipment for large and medium-sized enterprises to meet large-scale production, high-quality, and low investment. The whole machine complies with the requirements of Food Safety Law. The machine can be operated separately according to customer requirements. Seafood sauce filling machine is suitable for filling materials of different viscosity in industries such as sesame sauce, tomato sauce, peanut butter, jam, hoisin sauce, seasoning sauce, honey, paste, etc. It is compatible with bottle washing machines, tunnel sterilization ovens, capping machines, Labeling machines and other equipment form a production line.

Seafood Sauce Filling Machine

Features of Seafood Sauce Filling Machines:  

1. The automatic seafood sauce filling machine uses domestic advanced servo motors to precisely control the speed of the motor to achieve precise position movement. With the imported programmable controller (PLC) and convenient touch screen control, it can achieve precision, reliable.
2. The precise gear rotation system of the seafood sauce filling equipment allows you to easily bid farewell to the era of manual bottle height adjustment. The gear rotation system of the seafood sauce filling machinery allows the switching of bottle types through the action of the high and low lifting buttons, so as to easily realize the adjustment of the bottle height.

Seafood Sauce Filling Machine
3. The seafood sauce filling machines contain a variety of filling principles and mixing modes, so that the oil does not separate and does not drip after filling. It can achieve as close to manual filling as possible and achieve the effect of natural filling.
4. This seafood sauce filling equipment has many advantages, such as food-grade stainless steel used in the material contact part; all electrical components used are brands with excellent performance at home and abroad; more intimate is this seafood  sauce filling machine. At the beginning of the design, in response to the needs of the customer’s assembly production line, there is a friendly production mode to build the production line, and the corresponding filling production line can be set up with this seafood sauce filling equipment at any time.

Seafood Sauce Filling Machines Parameter:

Applicable Spece 50~1000g
Production Ability 2000-2500 Bottles/Hour
Filling Error Acuities ± 2% Standard Outfit Quantity
Power 4.5kw
Requirements Compressed Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Speed Control Frequency Control
LAN Noise 50dB Acuities
Machine Weight About 600Kg
Machine Dimension 2400×1200×2300 (mm)

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