Detailed Description of Plastic Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine:

The plastic bottle oral liquid filling machine belongs to the linear filling rotary (rolling) capping machine, which is our company’s traditional series of filling and sealing equipment.
According to the different materials, metal pump, glass pump, ceramic pump, peristaltic pump and other filling methods can be selected. Widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Filling adopts fixed channel parameters, filling time control, to achieve different measurements of filling. The precise filling time of the pneumatic valve can be set to 0.01, which makes the measurement accuracy controllable Within the error range of ±1%, unnecessary material loss can be reduced and the economic benefits of users can be improved. The measurement of each filling head can be individually adjusted to achieve consistency in filling measurements. This machine has set up the bottling and counting procedure, if there is no counting, then no bottling, no filling, only ifFilling can only start if the number of bottles recorded by the counter matches the set number of bottles to be filled.The filling volume can initially be adjusted to the desired filling volumeIdeal filling measurement accuracy can be obtained.

Plastic Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Performance Characteristics of Oral Liquid Filling Machine:

Easy to operate, bottle feeding, filling, capping, capping and bottle discharging are automatically completed by the machine.
PLC control, no bottle, no filling, no capping, accurate measurement.
Magnetic torque capping, no wear, adjustable capping torque, no damage to the bottle and cap.
The plastic bottle oral liquid filling machine is designed according to GMP requirements.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine Parameter:

Net Weight 500kg Production Capacity 30-50 Bottles/Min
Filling Accuracy ≤±1% Spin (Roll) Cover Rate ≥99%
Power Supply 220V/380V 50/60Hz Power 1.5kw
Dimensions 2400×1000×1700mm

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