Introduction of Oral Liquid Filling Machine:

The oral liquid filling machine is suitable for the production of oral liquid bottles with different specifications such as 2-25ml. The oral liquid filling line is composed of an ultrasonic bottle washer, a tunnel-type hot air circulating sterilization oven, and an oral liquid filling and capping machine. This series of oral liquid filling production lines can complete the linkage operation of the process steps of ampoule spraying, ultrasonic cleaning, flushing, inflation, drying and sterilization, cooling, filling, and capping in the production of drugs.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Performance Characteristics of Oral Liquid Filling Equipment:

1. The bottle washing machine is cleaned by a vertical ultrasonic cleaning machine, and it is washed inside and outside. The cleaning quality is stable and reliable!
2. The tunnel sterilization oven adopts far infrared and electric heating quartz tube heating. Effectively protect the bottle from drying!
3. The oral liquid filling production line can automatically complete the processes of bottle feeding, bottle unscramble, bottle feeding, filling, cap dropping, cap rolling, and bottle out.
4. The oral liquid filling machines can be used on-line or stand-alone, and the equipment is stable and reliable. The qualified rate of the finished product of the production line is ≥99.5%!

Oral Liquid Filling Machines

Plane Installation Drawing of Oral Liquid Filling Production Line:

Oral Liquid Filling Machinery

Oral Liquid Process:

Oral Liquid Filling Machine

Technical Parameters of Oral Liquid Filling Equipment:

Applicable Specifications 5-25
Production Capacity 350
Filling Accuracy ≤±2.5
Number of Filling Heads 16
Number of Capping Heads Single Pole 20 Heads
Pass Rate of Capping ≥99
Total Weight 7500

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