Product introduction

The honey filling machinery is an innovative product based on the foreign advanced filling machine technology. Its structure is simpler, the precision is reasonable, and the operation is more convenient. The user only needs to input the target weight, and the empty bottle machine will recognize and automatically fill it.

This machine is driven by a cylinder, the piston is made of material, the three-way valve controls the liquid flow, and the reed switch controls the cylinder stroke to adjust the filling volume. This piston filling machine is suitable for all liquid and particle-free paste, cream, honey, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. It is a modern ideal filling equipment.

Honey Filling Machinery
The honey filling line has a reasonable design, small volume, space saving, a filling volume adjustment handle, adjustable filling speed and high filling precision. The valve head is filled with anti-drip, anti-pulling and lifting filling device. At the same time, the device also has an automatic cleaning function.

The performance and structural characteristics of the machine:

1. High-precision structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
2. CPU single chip, stepper motor, simple and accurate bag length setting.
3. It has a simple circuit and excellent functions.
4. The whole process of filling, bagging, printing date and charging is fully automatic.

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