Glass Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine Introduction:

The glass bottle oral liquid filling machine is specially designed for filling and sealing 10 to 20 ml oral liquid. It is the filling host in the oral liquid filling production line. Mainly used for filling, capping and sealing of easy-to-straighten vials.

Glass Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Machine
The glass bottle oral liquid filling machinery adopts syringe pump filling, electromagnetic vibration automatic cap feeding, and three-knife centrifugal capping or screwing capping. It has the function of no filling without bottles. This machine combines filling and sealing into one, with reasonable design and compact structure. Easy to operate and maintain, and complies with GMP standards.

Features of Glass Bottle Oral Liquid Filling Equipment:

The structure of the glass bottle oral liquid filling line has the advantages of high stability and easy cleaning.
Many components in contact with the grouting fluid are made of stainless steel or other non-polluting materials.
The design of the equipment mainly focuses on sterilizing parts that come into contact with liquids, and the CIP system can ensure that the shelf life of the beverage is longer.
The equipment also has the characteristics of convenience, safety, environmental protection and low energy consumption.

Oral Liquid Filling Machine Parameter:

Applicable Specifications 5-25
Production Capacity 350
Filling Accuracy ≤±2.5
Number of Filling Heads 16
Number of Capping Heads Single Pole 20 Heads
Pass Rate of Capping ≥99
Total Weight 7500

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