The chili sauce filling machinery adopts advanced technology and is powered by compressed air, which is more convenient to operate. The structure of the machine is simple, and the filling volume and speed are adjusted on the equipment. The filling head is manufactured by a special process, which will not leak material during use, saving materials. The machine is small in size and easy to move, which is suitable for small workshops and small businesses.

Chili Sauce Filling Machinery

This machine can be matched with automatic capping machine and labeling machine to form a complete chili sauce filling line to achieve high-speed packaging work. The technology used in this filling machine has reached the international advanced level, and some of them have surpassed similar products. The material control system adopts PLC and touch screen control panel, which has the characteristics of accurate measurement, advanced structure, stable operation and low noise. The machine has a large adjustment range and fast filling speed. The operator can not only adjust the measurement data on the touch screen control panel, but also adjust the measurement of each filling head. The exterior material is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Features of the Chili Sauce Filling Machine:

1. The pump of the filling machine is a piston pump, which is easy to clean. High filling precision.

2. The bottle cap is vibrated and fed into the bottle mouth in the hopper, and the capping rate is high.

3. The cover part adopts lateral torque and automatic slipping device, so it will not hurt the cover, and this design protects the beauty of the packaging material.

4.The equipment has the functions of automatic measurement, bag making, filling, sealing and slitting, ect.

5. The machine adopts touch screen and is controlled by PLC.



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