The chili oil filling equipment has two types of equipment, rotary and linear, for customers to choose from. The filling volume can be adjusted arbitrarily between 250ml-2000ml. Liquid crystal display, accurate quantification, no drip during filling. An overload clutch protection device is installed at the dials of the in and out bottles, and it will automatically stop and alarm when abnormal conditions occur. It is a set of high-efficiency and high-intelligence camellia oil filling machine.

Chili Oil Filling Equipment
The chili oil filling machine can form a production line with the bottle washing machine, tunnel sterilization oven, capping machine, labeling machine and other equipment.
Shangte Machinery is a professional filling machine production line equipment manufacturer. The complete set of is widely used in the filling production of chili oil, soybean oil and other chili oil products. There are a variety of filling quantities to choose from. The price of the complete set of filling equipment is excellent, and the filling technology consultation is free.


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