Canned Pineapple Production Line Introduction:

Canned Pineapple Production Line

The canned pineapple production line is suitable for canned pineapple slices, canned pineapple long pieces, canned pineapple fans, canned pineapple small fans, and canned pineapple broken rice.

1. Fruit washing: Use clean water to rinse away the sediment and debris on the surface of the pineapple.
2. Grading: Screen and grade pineapple fruits according to their diameter to facilitate subsequent peeling and cutting.
3. Peel and core: Use a pineapple combined processing machine to peel off the skin and poke out the hard core.
4. Trimming: After peeling and punching the core, supplemented by manual trimming, use a sharp knife to remove the glare, residual skin, and rotten scars on the surface of the pineapple, screen out the bad fruits, and then rinse with clean water.
5. Slicing: Use a single slicer to cut the pulp into ring-shaped slices. Unqualified fruit slices or fragments can be cut into fan-shaped or broken pieces.
6. Canned Filling Machine: Use a filling machine for canning, and diced fruits can be filled with a filling machine. Use a juicer to add a certain proportion of sugar water.
7. Exhaust and sealing: Use hot exhaust sealing, the temperature is about 98℃, and the center temperature of the tank is not lower than 75℃. The vacuum degree of vacuum seal should be above 53.3KPa.
8. Sterilization and cooling: The sterilization time of glass bottles is 5-25min/100℃ (water). Immediately after sterilization, it is cooled to 38℃ in sections.
9. Inspection and storage: Wipe the cooled cans and keep them warm for one week, label the qualified ones and store them in storage for sale.
Canned pineapples should be eaten as soon as possible after opening the lid to prevent the pineapple pulp from changing its flavor after being exposed to the air for a long time. In fact, almost all canned foods should not be stored at room temperature for a long time after opening the lid, because the canned food is sterilized by high temperature and returns to an environment full of microorganisms after opening the lid, and the food will quickly deteriorate.

Canned Pineapple Production Line Parameter:

Name Model Specifications
Washing Machine Bubble(dry bean 1T/H)
Precooker With cooling 5min (85℃-90℃) L=10m W=1100mm
Soak With lifting
Washing machine Bubble +lifting
Washing machine Empty can
Lifting conveyor moving to tank of filling machine
Filling Machine use measuring working way
Filling Machine liquid
Sealing Machine Sealing Can(7113 can)
Loading Can By magnetic
Unloading Can By magnetic
Drying By air
Labeling Machine Sticker label
Print Machine Print date
Carton Erector Automatic
Carton Sealing Use tape

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