Canned Orange Production Line Video:

Introduction to Canning Orange Production Line:

Canned Orange Production Line
The main special equipment of this canned orange production line include: raw material grader, orange cleaning machine, orange peeling machine, orange splitting machine, acid and alkali treatment chute, orange split grader, selection mesh belt, rinsing tank, light inspection device, drain Mesh belts, canning horizontal conveyor belts, etc. The canned orange production line is suitable for various citrus products, including the filling production of glass bottles and cans, and can be customized according to the customer’s materials.
The main general equipment includes: empty can washing machine, sugar pot, storage pot, milk pump, double filter, coding conveyor belt, soup adding conveyor belt, sealing machine (outsourced), pasteurized low temperature machine, can cleaning machine , labeling machine, conveyor belt for connection, etc.

Advantages of Orange Canned Production Line:

The orange canning production line is made of high-quality stainless steel materials. It not only has accurate fruit size grading, less damage, clean orange peel removal, good orange water separation effect, convenient selection and canning, but also has continuous flow channel production, automation and high production efficiency. , low labor intensity, easy cleaning, hygienic, water saving and other characteristics, it is the best equipment for the orange canning production line.

Capacity: 40~60 tons/day

Orange Canning Production Line Parameter:

Name Model Specifications
Washing Machine Bubble(dry bean 1T/H)
Precooker With cooling 5min (85℃-90℃) L=10m W=1100mm
Soak With lifting
Washing machine Bubble +lifting
Washing machine Empty can
Lifting conveyor moving to tank of filling machine
Filling Machine use measuring working way
Filling Machine liquid
Sealing Machine Sealing Can(7113 can)
Loading Can By magnetic
Unloading Can By magnetic
Drying By air
Labeling Machine Sticker label
Print Machine Print date
Carton Erector Automatic
Carton Sealing Use tape

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