Canned Corn Production Line Video:

Corn Canning Production Line Introduction:

Canned Corn Production Line
Canned corn production line is suitable of cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc, including the filling production of glass bottles or cans. The canned food processing line produced by Sunter machinery not only includes vegetables but also fruits, meat, fish and beans, etc.

Bubble cleaner uses high-pressure water flow and powerful bubbles to explode, tumble, clean and transport vegetables and fruits. The silt sinks to the bottom of the machine and never floats up, contaminating vegetables and fruits. Floating debris, worms, hair, etc. will be collected and taken away. The cleaned vegetables and fruits are washed again by spraying detergent on them, and then transported to the next process.

Canned Corn Processing Line Parameter:

Name Model Specifications
Capacity 500kg/hour
Washing Machine Bubble(dry bean 1T/H); Bubble +lifting; Empty can
Packaging Size 900 ml
Soak With lifting
Lifting conveyor moving to tank of filling machine
Filling Machine use measuring working way; liquid
Sealing Machine Sealing Can
Loading/Unloading Can By magnetic
Drying By air
Labeling Machine Sticker label
Print Machine Print date
Carton Erector Automatic
Carton Sealing Use tape

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