Canned Beef Production Line Video:

Beef Canning Production Line Introduction:

Canned Beef Production Line

The canned beef production line produced by Sunter machinery is used for automatic weighing of various meat solid raw materials. Can filling equipment is suitable for filling into containers such as tinplate cans. To complete the automatic measurement of solid raw materials, feeding, canning, finished product delivery of all the packaging process.

Canned Beef Machine Line Parameter:

Name Model Specifications
Capacity 20-50 (cans/minute)
Power 45KW
Filling Accuracy 1%
Material Stainless Steel
Lifting conveyor moving to tank of filling machine
Filling Machine use measuring working way
Sealing Machine Sealing Can
Loading/Unloading Can By magnetic
Drying By air
Labeling Machine Sticker label
Print Machine Print date
Carton Erector Automatic
Carton Sealing Use tape

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