Introduction of Automatic Smoke Oil Filling Production Machine:

The automatic smoke oil filling production line is a piece of equipment consisting of a fully automatic bottle unscrambler, an e-liquid filling and capping machine, a labeling machine, a sleeve labeling machine, a QR code traceability, a cartoning and cartoning machine, etc. It can complete the processes of unpacking bottles, filling, corking, capping, labeling, sleeve labeling, boxing and cartoning. It is mainly used for the online production of e-cigarette oil and other small-dose solutions. It can also be used independently as a stand-alone machine.

Automatic Smoke Oil Filling Production Line

The design of this e-liquid filling equipment fully complies with GMP requirements. Filling using peristaltic pump. The automatic smoke oil filling production line is suitable for 10-150ml (adjustable) electronic cigarette oil. Its labeling accuracy is controlled within 0.5mm.
In addition, e-liquid equipment can design interfaces and languages according to customer requirements. Simple operation and easy maintenance.

Features of Smoke Oil Filling Production Machine:

Fully automatic filling: The e-liquid machine uses a peristaltic pump for filling, suitable for 10-150ml (adjustable) e-cigarette oil. It can realize automatic quantitative filling and avoid manual intervention. Ensure filling accuracy and consistency.
Efficient production: The fully automatic e-liquid filling production line adopts assembly line operation and can quickly complete a large number of filling tasks. Improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Quality assurance: The equipment adopts a closed filling method, which can effectively avoid contamination from external impurities and bacteria and ensure product quality and hygiene.
Real-time monitoring: The fully automatic e-liquid filling production line is also equipped with a variety of sensors and detection devices. It can monitor the operating status of the equipment and the quality of the liquid in real time. Once an abnormality occurs, the equipment will automatically shut down and alarm to ensure product quality and safety.
Easy to operate and maintain: The e-liquid filling production line is designed to be simple to use and easy to operate. At the same time, the modular design makes maintenance more convenient and faster.
Strong adaptability: The e-liquid production line can be customized according to the needs of different customers. It can adapt to the production needs of different specifications and types of e-cigarette oil.
Intelligent control: The e-liquid filling line adopts an advanced control system, which can realize automatic and intelligent control and improve production efficiency and product quality.
In short, the fully automatic e-liquid filling production line is an efficient, accurate and reliable equipment that can meet the high requirements and standards of e-liquid production.


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