Automatic Mushroom Sauce Filling Production Line Introduction:

The fully automatic mushroom sauce filling production line is a highly automated equipment designed to efficiently and accurately fill various mushroom sauces.

Features and Advantages of Mushroom Sauce Filling Line:

Equipped with a horizontal mixing hopper and double helix forward and reverse mixing: This design ensures that the filling time of the mushroom sauce can be set freely, while maintaining the uniformity of the material and no oil sauce separation during the filling process, each bottle The filling volume can be kept consistent.
The components used in the electrical main components ensure the reliability, stability and durability of the system operation.
It adopts imported programmable controller and AC servo motor with large display touch screen: forming the drive control core, it has excellent performance and simple operation.

Automatic Mushroom Sauce Filling Production Line
Complete automatic alarm system protection function: helps to solve faults in time and reduce losses to a minimum.
The hopper is equipped with an adjustable speed mixing device to make the material more evenly filled.
It has the characteristics of small footprint, light weight and space saving: very beneficial for production environments that require efficient use of space.
Adopting modular design: the structure has rich and diversified functions and is convenient for repair and maintenance.
It has a waterproof design: it can be rinsed properly when cleaning, and the surface of the device is smooth and solid, making it difficult for dust and pollutants to adhere.
In general, the fully automatic mushroom sauce filling production line has significant advantages in improving production efficiency, ensuring product quality, reducing labor costs, being easy to operate, and saving space. It is suitable for widespread use in various mushroom sauce production environments.


Technical Parameters:

Applicable spece
Production ability
1000-2500 bottles/hour
Filling error
acuities ± 2% standard outfit quantity
380/220v 50/60Hz
Electricity power
Requirements compressed air pressure
0.4 ~ 0.6 Mpa
Speed control
frequency control
LAN noise
50dB acuities
Machine weight
about 600Kg
Machine dimension
2440 x 1200 x 1800 (mm)



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