Introduction of Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machine:

The alcohol disinfectant filling machine adopts the bottleneck transmission technology to realize the automatic rinsing, filling and capping process with a high degree of automation. Most of the electrical system parts of the filling machine are made of foreign products and parts in contact with liquids. The alcohol disinfectant filling machine is all made of high-quality stainless steel, which is wear-resistant, stable, and has low failure rate.

Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machine

Cleaning Part of Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machines:

This machine is a rotary bottle washer, mainly used to wash new bottles of beverages, water and other products. The bottle is then sent to the alcohol disinfectant filling equipment to fill the product. The PET bottles enter the equipment through an open star wheel. The bottle is clamped on the mouth of the bottle by a clamp and a rotating mechanism. Put the bottle mouth down, rinse with sterile water, drain automatically. Then turn it over until the bottle mouth is up. It has been installed.
The main structure of the equipment is in contact with the flushing medium. The outer protective cover is made of high-quality stainless steel. Open gear transmission. The new stainless steel fixture has simple structure and easy adjustment. The contact area with the bottle mouth is small, which effectively avoids secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.

The Filling Part of the Disinfectant Filling Machinery:

The filling part of the disinfectant filling machine enables the material to be filled into the cleaned bottles sent by the bottle washer.
The filling valve adopts the pressure filling negative pressure type backflow method, the filling is fast and sensitive, and the filling level accuracy is high. There is no spring in the valve. The material is not in contact with the spring, which facilitates the cleaning of the valve interior. In order to ensure the filling process and ensure the filling temperature. The material in the valve is in a micro-reflux state when there is no bottle or no shutdown. The filling cylinder adopts a full-cylinder method to ensure stable pressure in the cylinder.

Bottle Cap Part of Disinfectant Filling Equipment:

The capping machine drives the rotating disk to rotate through the reducer. The cover is moved away from the hopper under the action of centrifugal force. There is a cover and back cover separating device at the exit. When the back cover passes, the cover will automatically fall into the return pipe, and the back cover will be automatically blown into the hopper by the wind. Only the front cover can enter the slide smoothly, and the photoelectric switch automatically detects the amount of cover in the hopper to control the cover machine to ensure the best effect of the lower cover.

Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machine
When the front cover enters the slide way, it can enter the paper input tray smoothly. To prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial is placed on the slide rail to ensure that the cover that enters the paper feed tray is correct, and a pair of slide rails are also arranged. The photoelectric switch stops the host immediately when it detects that there is no cover. In order to effectively remove bad covers and covers without anti-theft ring when cleaning the hopper, there is a movable outlet directly opposite to the outlet of the hopper, which can meet this function.

Alcohol Disinfectant Filling Machine Parameter:

Model ST-GZ-8
Filling Head 8
Production Capacity 2000-2500 Bottle Per Hour
Power 380V
Voltage 4.5KW
Machine Size 2400×1200×2300(mm)

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