Aerosol Filling Machine Introduction:

The aerosol filling machine adopts a combination of pneumatic control and electrical control, and other mechanisms act in coordination. Bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine, aerosol filling machine, sealing machine, capping machine, labeling machine, etc. are transported together to form a set of filling line. The filling head is controlled separately, no cans and no discharge. The sealing head adopts guided sealing, if the sealing quality is not high, the machine will automatically stop. The inflation head adopts guided inflation, which is accurate, efficient and consumes very little air. The aerosol filling machines have high production efficiency, safety and reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and its main technical indicators fully reach the level of similar foreign products.

Aerosol Filling Machine

The aerosol filler has the advantages of fast speed, convenient operation, accurate measurement, good sealing air tightness, and adjustable inflation pressure. The aerosol filling production line is suitable for the bottle filling production line of syrup, oral liquid, lotion, pesticide, solvent and other liquids in the pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, chemical and other industries. The aerosol filling line has high efficiency, high precision, safety and reliability, and is an ideal choice for large-scale manufacturers of aerosol products. Custom aerosol filling machine meets the requirements of special products and different specifications. The aerosol filling machine produced by Sunter Machinery is of high quality and good price, and it is worth buying. Welcome to consult.

Features of Aerosol Filling Machines:

1. The electrical components adopt well-known brands.
2. The operation of the aerosol filling machines are intuitive and convenient, no bottle no filling, accurate measurement.
3. Ensure that the seal is firm and beautiful.
4. Made in accordance with GMP standards.

Applicable Specifications(ml) 5-25
Production Capacity(pcs/min) 350
Filling Accuracy(%) ≤±2.5
Number of Filling Heads 16
Number of Capping Heads Single Pole 20 Heads
Qualified Rate of Capping(%) ≥99
Gross Weight(kg) 7500
Overall Dimensions(mm) 9920×2003×2150

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