3-10L Canola Oil Filling Production Line Introduction:

The 3-10L canola oil filling production line is a highly automated production line. It can transport rapeseed oil from storage tanks to multiple filling heads and accurately fill the oil into 3-10L containers. Then transported to the capping and palletizing equipment to complete the entire filling, capping and palletizing process. The 3-10L canola oil filling production line is suitable for filling various specifications of edible oil, such as peanut oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, etc.

3-10L Canola Oil Filling Production Line

The Production Line Mainly Consists of the Following Equipment:

Oil pump: transports rapeseed oil in the storage tank to the filling head.
Filling head: Accurately fill oil into 3-10L containers.
Capping equipment: Cap the filled containers to prevent leakage and contamination of rapeseed oil.
Stacking equipment: Stack the capped containers as required to facilitate subsequent processing and transportation.
Conveyor belt: connects the entire production line to ensure the smoothness of the production process.

Canola Oil Filling Production Line Characteristics:

1. The canola oil filling equipment adopts PLC microcomputer programmable control, integrating light, machinery, electricity, sensing and pneumatic execution.
2. The filling equipment adopts an automatic liquid level control system, which can automatically adjust the liquid level height to make filling more accurate.
3. The canola oil filling machine adopts linear filling method, with fast filling speed and high precision.
4. The equipment adopts a nitrogen-filled protection system to prevent rapeseed oil from oxidizing during the filling process.

3-10L Canola Oil Filling Production Line
5. The equipment adopts automatic sealing technology, which can ensure the sealing of the bottle mouth and prevent rapeseed oil from leaking.
6. The equipment adopts automatic inkjet coding technology, which can print production date, batch number and other information on the bottle.
7. The oil filling machinery adopts human-machine interface operation, which can quickly and easily adjust parameters and operate the equipment.
8. The equipment adopts a variety of safety protection measures to ensure equipment and personal safety.
9. The equipment adopts a detachable structure for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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