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200L Chemical Barrel Filling Machine Introduction:

The 200L chemical barrel filling machine is an intelligent packaging system specially designed for 200L (tray type)/IBC shared liquid packaging, and is used for the packaging of 200L barrels (including trays). The 200L filling machine adopts visual opening, which can realize automatic packaging of the whole process, such as automatic cap opening, automatic submersion, automatic fast full-speed filling, automatic leak connection, and automatic screw cap sealing.

200L Chemical Barrel Filling Machine200L Barrel Filling Machine Features:

1. The main 200L filling machine part of the filling adopts an environmental protection frame, a visible window, an automatic lifting and sliding door for entering and exiting the barrel, and a closed space can be formed during filling.
2. The electrical control part of the 200L filling machine is composed of PLC programmable controller, weighing module, visual system, etc., with strong control ability and high degree of automation.
3. It has the functions of no filling when there is no barrel, no filling when the mouth of the barrel is not aligned, etc., which avoids the waste and pollution of materials, and makes the mechatronics of the filling machine show.


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